Posted by: Josh Gibson | May 31, 2010

Memorial Day: Twenty-Ten

May 31st Memorial Day. This morning I watched a home video of Drew Carey’s comedy tour to entertain the troops in ’04. Just getting back from the middle east myself alot of vislual images on the video are very similar to what I experienced a just weeks before, minus the war. The people, the food, the terrain all mainly the same. I just want to say that I appreciate the troops for what they do. Being over in the Middle East I experienced the heat and dehydrated conditions, and the hardship of communicating with people. The movie I watched today along with the movie called “Taking Chance” I watched last night has given me a heightened sense of awareness for what goes on involving the armed forces. Weather you support the war or not, please pray for and support the troops. Alot of people will miss the point of Memorial Day as people are off work, resting, spending time with family…but be greatful that you are not having to look over your shoulder every minute and pray for the men and women that do risk their lives and do so bravely. “God Bless America”

I recommened you watch “Taking Chance” its a movie about a military escort and his appreciation for this country as he takes the remains of a young 20 year old soldier home.



  1. Nicely said!!

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