Posted by: Josh Gibson | January 18, 2010

N30X…New in 30 days

Day 5 Starting in Mark

Recap from days 1-4

Matthew chapters 1-28

Probable author -The Apostle Matthew, a tax collector
Date-early date 50s AD or between late 50s – 80s AD.

Genealogy of Jesus (1:1–17) Abraham-David-Messiah = 42 generations
His Birth (1:18—2:12)
The Beginnings of Jesus’ Ministry (3:1—4:11) –3 years of ministry
His Baptism (3:13–17) –John “He who is coming after me is mightier than I, and I am not fit to remove his sandals”
His Temptation by the Devil in the wilderness (4:1–11)
Jesus’ Ministry in Galilee (4:12—14:12)
The Sermon on the Mount (chs. 5–7) -go read this as a sermon all together
A Collection of Miracles (chs. 8–9)
The Calling of the 12 Apostles (ch. 10)
Ministry throughout Galilee (chs. 11–12)
The Parables of the Kingdom (ch. 13) –Sow and Reap, Tares and Wheat, Treasure, Pearl, Dragnet.
Jesus’ Last Ministry in Galilee (17:22—18:35)
Prediction of Jesus’ Death (17:22–23)
The Rich Young Man (19:16–30) -“…to be complete, go and sell your possessions and give…come, follow me
The Parable of the Workers in the Vineyard (20:1–16) -great parable telling of
Prediction of Jesus’ Death (20:17–19)
The Entry of Jesus into Jerusalem as King (21:1–11) -singing “Hosanna to the son of David”
The Anointing of Jesus’ Feet (26:1–13) -Alabaster Box of ointment
The Arrest, Trials and Death of Jesus (26:14—27:66)
The Resurrection (ch. 28)
The Great Commission (28:16–20) -“Go and make Disciples…”

Jesus healed the sick and diseased, but there faith is Key throughout these verses/was the reason he did so.
Hope everyone is able to get involved in reading God’s word in some fashion or form. Set a schedule.


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