Posted by: Josh Gibson | January 7, 2010

Blog by Mark Batterson

Is Your Dream Your Idol

“For years I dreamed of speaking at conferences and writing books. And I think both of those desires were God-ordained passions. But they didn’t happen for a long time. And I think the main reason is simple: I wanted it for the wrong reasons. I don’t think you’re ready until you are willing to let the dream die. And when you are willing to let the dream die, God often resurrects it.

I’m certainly not suggesting that my motives are 100% sanctified now. Not there yet. But as I look back and look forward, I realize that many of our dreams never happen for one simple reason. We want it more than we want God. God becomes a means to an end. And our dream, which was meant to be a form of worship to God, becomes our god. This is especially true of pastors. We go into ministry to serve God, but ministry can become a god. Your church becomes your idol. Is your ministry more important to you than God?

God is not a means to your dream. Yes, your God-ordained dreams will never become reality without divine intervention. And God wants it to become reality more than you do. But the dream isn’t the end. God is the end.

Is your dream your god? Or is God your God? God will not be used. God will not be manipulated. God will not be played. If you want what God wants for the wrong reasons it won’t happen. It’s not until you sanctify your motives that God will bless it.

Are you willing to sacrifice Isaac?”


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