Posted by: Josh Gibson | December 21, 2009

Do We Pray Expecting?

Do we pray as if we are expecting God to do a great work?
Do we pray small prayers so that we are not disappointed by God’s reults?

I am currently trying to expand my faith to a point of prayer that leaves me astonished and in awe of God, not praying in vain or prayers that would make God throw up, figuratively. Seeking to make a conscience effort to not pray habitual prayers to a God how deserves more than old prayers I learned when I was a child. To have a prayer life and faith that is alive and exuberant.

Sometimes I think we seek God out of habit (when we eat or at night before we sleep) or command (we are told to by our spiritual leaders , but we still are not sure why) yet we are not sure the importance of prayer or its power.

So for the remainder of the month I want people to comment on how prayer has impacted their lives prior to reading this blog (not because of this blog, just not stories from the past). I want people to have to go exerperience God, all over again – new!

Now God and seek God and the day he has given you…make a difference in your world.



  1. I am seeing God answer prayer RIGHT now in our neighborhood. We have been trying to reach out to some of our neighbors by helping them and have mostly been given a polite refusal. Now they are lettting us take them to the doctor, grocery shopping, therapy, etc. and through those times we are getting to talk to them about Jesus!! God does something here everyday that I know is HIM and HIM along. As Beth Moore says, “There is not high like the MOST HIGH”. I’m asking BIG things of God this year!

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