Posted by: Josh Gibson | December 2, 2009

Blogs You Don’t Want to Miss

YOU Need to Check Out These BLOGS:

“Disturb Us Lord” by Kevin Campbell of Elevate Chruch…link below:

“Prioritize the Presence of God” by Steven Furtick of Elevation Church…link below:
“What revelation, inspiration, imagination and innovation is left undiscovered in your life because you’re failing to prioritize the presence of God?”

“Do You Worship Your Church?” by Clint Freeman of Rock Springs Baptist Church….link below:
“How many times do we brag on how good the music was, how good the message was, how good our class was, our staff, and our buildings, yet we never seem to brag on Jesus.”

“Difficult Things vs Simple Things” by Mark Batterson of National Community Church…link below:
“The reason why we don’t see miracles ISN’T because we’re not willing to do difficult things. It’s because we’re not willing to do simple things.”

“Faith, Risk, and Stupidity” by Scott Rogers…link below:
“Is it time to ‘stand down’ or ‘step out’?”

“Seven Things Leaders Should Never Apologize For” by Perry Noble of New Spring Church…link below:
“As a leader we are responsible for embracing God’s vision for our lives…not everyone else’s!”


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