Posted by: Josh Gibson | December 1, 2009

Barbados Independence Day, Nov. 30th

Today Barbados celebrates 43 years of independence from England. It’s a national holiday and the colors of blue and gold are showing up everywhere. God is still very much welcome to be in this country.

If you are not familiar with Barbados, it is a small island country in the south Caribbean. This island is close to my heart since I have experienced and spent my last two spring breaks there, seeing what God is doing.

Barbados Independence Celebrations

After the first English settlement in Holetown in 1627, Barbados remained a British colony until achieving independence from Britain on November 30th 1966. The first independence ceremony was accompanied by the raising of the Barbados National Flag, and playing of the National anthem for the first time. November 30th is celebrated as Independence Day and is a National Holiday.
The celebrations run throughout November and include sports completion, fairs, community events, and religious services.

The second Verse of The Barbados National Anthem:

“The Lord has been the people’s guide
For past three hundred years.
With him still on the people’s side
We have no doubts or fears.
Upward and onward we shall go,
Inspired, exulting, free,
And great will our nation grow
In strength and unity.”

This reminds me of the song “You Said” and one of it’s’ verses:

“You said, “Ask and I’ll give the nations to you,”
Oh Lord that’s the cry of my heart,
distant shores and the islands will see,
Your light, as it rises on earth.”



  1. Hey…some of this looks VERY familiar!! lol Good post!

    • sorry i didn’t give you credit…I was in a hurry and I wanted people to know of the Independance Day. And some people that are new and coming this spring liked the post. Said it was informative.

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