Posted by: Josh Gibson | October 26, 2009

Life: Do you live?

I know that I want my life to make a difference for the Lord and use my life for more than what Americans would say I should use it for, or do what is classified as able to bring me success, even living a safe lifestyle.

What is success? What is safety? What is Life?

I want to allow God to lead me, to have my success determined as living for him, to desire him over all (even safety), and to know/live in and like Christ; who is life.

1) Don’t fall into the trap of the “American Dream”: John Piper coined the phrase “The American Dream” which he calls, in his book (“Don’t Waste You Life”), a way life is wasted. Many people seek to get an education, get a well paying job, become successful, and ulitmately retire early to a tropical paradise to take it easy. All while getting married and having children along the way. John 10:10 calls us to an adundant life in Christ.
I believe that there is so much to life that we miss alot of the time.

2) If Christ = Life then we must live a life that is pleasing to God and turns others to him. Live each moment as if this maybe your last. If you believe that we where made to glorify God, then all else on Earth is a distratction or can be used to for that purpose.


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