Posted by: Josh Gibson | September 24, 2009

What is Worship- Guest Blogger McKenzie Martin

Today’s blog continuing with the subject of Worship is written by McKenzie Martin. McKenzie is a close friend whom I have come closer to and enjoy seeing Christ through.

These are McKenzie’s thoughts on Worship:
“Over the past month, our college minister Scott Allen has spoke about “What is Worship?” I didn’t realize until he spoke about it just how much worship is apart of everything I do throughout my day. Someone can simply watch you and see what god you serve. How many people have you seen completely overwhelmed by a Mighty God? Probably not a lot, but I feel as though many people struggle with worship including myself. Worship is something you must work at daily. It is a sacrifice.
I pray daily that God helps me with how I spend my time so I can give God the time He deserves. God deserves my all. I’ve learned that worship is about expressing your love for Him and openly showing the joy that He brings into your life. I can’t help but smile when I’m worshiping my Lord. Worship isn’t all about your talents, but it’s about a heart that is willing to serve and praise God. Worship isn’t something you just do publicly, but about the time you spend with just you and God.

When I took my trip to Barbados last spring, it taught me a lot about worship. Worship is not letting anything come between you and God. When you worship, you can’t focus on other people or the objects around you. You must solely focus on God because it is all about Him. I could tell the people from Barbados truly worship God. I saw them on stage praising God with their hands lifted high and just giving all they had to God. I rarely see people act like that in America.
I hate to say this, but most people I see today worshiping just look sad. Worship is something that should make you feel excited! What I privlegde we have in America to just get to serve God freely! Many people just take God for granted and I’m even guiltly of it. I’ve learned that your treasure can be known by just simply how you spend your time. I know I’m blessed to be able to worship and I always want to strive to worship God with all that I am, all the time.”


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