Posted by: Josh Gibson | September 1, 2009

Do you worship your church/music/pastor?

Here is a blog post that I read yesterday that really shaped my thinking and was on the same wavelength that I was thinking of before I read it. Isn’t God crazy awesome like that sometimes. This is a mentor of mine, a guy I occasionally work with on Sunday Nights. Enjoy Clint Freeman’s post on….

Do you worship your church?
“Let me begin by stating that I love my church, my pastor, those I work with, and the people that God has allowed me to serve over the last 5 years. When I use the words “your” and “ours” in this blog it does not mean that I am specifically talking about Rock Springs Baptist Church.

Yesterday I heard a prayer request that we should guard against worshiping our church? Wow, I have never really thought about this. I could not get away from that statement all day.
Here are some quick thoughts

• our goal should always be to worship the God on whom the church proclaims

• How many times do we brag on how good the music was, how good the message was, how good our class was, our staff, and our buildings, yet we never seem to brag on Jesus.

• it can become real easy to worship the church and not the God of the church

3 things that we should guard against

1. Your pastor and staff are men and women of God, they are not God. Jesus should always be bragged upon more than leadership. Leadership will fail you, Jesus will never fail you. Leadership will make mistakes, Jesus never makes any mistakes.

2. We should never have the “field of dreams” mentality, “if you build it they will come.” Building buildings does not give anyone the excuse not to go out and witness. God commands us to go and get them and bring them in.

3. The church is not a country club. Sure we have heard this over and over, but I am afraid that many church members have this thought process. We must guard against ever thinking the church is about us. It is all about Jesus. The church is to be a warm welcoming place for all people. That is who Jesus died for right? The church must minister to the helpless and hopeless. God help every church that proclaims your name to glorify Jesus though making disciples not making large church rolls that are filled with people who never get plugged in.

You should be proud of your church, your pastor, and your buildings. If you aren’t then you might want to find another place to go to church. However, you should never worship them. We must guard against worshiping a person or a building and we must worship Jesus and Jesus alone.”

• What Clint stated is so true today in the Christian realm, we all can sometimes get to the point where we are in a race against other churches or other Christians, but we all should be in the same race, running together for the same goal. May we go away from our churches, various meetings, or personal quite times saying that “God is good.” Come away in awe of God, the one that is so far beyond our puny comprehension. He is a God with love that is undeserved. That’s my God.


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