Posted by: Josh Gibson | August 14, 2009

Prayer Walking

I serve as a chaplain at North Greenville University, with campus ministry. Today the chaplains and I were going prayer walking as a day of giving praying for the students before they arrive on campus and to claim the campus for Christ. God really humbled me today in a way that I really needed.

As we began the heat of late moning was bearing down on us, but the first place we stopped to pray at was the business office, to pray with the staff their. Once we finished praying we opened our eyes and we saw that the staff was in tears. They told us that our timing and pray was exactly what they needed and at the right time, praise God.

We continued on prayer walking for three hours. We prayed at various key points on campus and the main entrance to campus. We ended our day off in the chapel praying as we walked through the aisles of seats.
We prayed that God would be known in everything that is done on campus, also that everyone that steps on campus would know that God is here as in Mark 2:1 “it was noised that he was in the house.” A place that “Christ makes the difference.”

My prayer is that God would something amazing on our campus that only God will be seen and people will go away as the people in Mark 2:12, “they were all amazed, and glorified God, saying, We never saw it on this fashion.”


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