Posted by: Josh Gibson | August 1, 2009

What Others Think

Now before you write this post off as just telling you to guard your testimony or that you should not care what others think of you…I am saying that but thats not all.

Guarding your testimony and not caring what others think of you both go hand in hand. You may ask how is that possible? Or you may flat out state that this is not possible, but it is…

You may have heard people say, or you may have said something like this yourself, “I don’t care what others think of me, I’m going to do what the Lord tells me to.” When this is statement is ture but some what naive. I say this in a loving way to show that by guarding your testimony as a person of God, or one who calls themself a Christian, or as one that doesn’t cause others to stumble you must, to a degree, care what others think.

The key is “to a degree” To what degree? How much should I care what others think? These are very fair questions and ones that can be anwsered. God has called us to disciple others in the faith.
First of all don’t let cural boundaries hinder you if God is calling you to do his will. If God is calling we should be willing to recognize him. As long as God has called you and you are not throwing your morals out the window to engage a specific time to witness, what others think of you is not relevant. Not everyone is going to understand ministry. Some people think ministry can only be done one way, or the way it has always been done.
On the flip side, Caring too much woud be like caring if you are excepted at work or at school for wearing the “right” clothes or hang-out witht the “right” people. This would be caring what others think, too much. This would be on the verge of tryng to gain approval of the world when ultimately We as Christians should be seeking approval of God. Doing what the Lord calls, will alot of times cause people not like you, but press on “we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.” Romans 8:28

I pray that each and every one of you that reads this blog would allow God to guide your life as your Lord and not just your Savior and that we would begin to move back toward Him. To become more sensitive to his sweet calling. Allow God to Interrupt you. Spend yourself for God today!




  1. You are right about guarding your testimony. Though God uses it, we don’t have to give details in an un-Christian way. I have learned to let the Holy Spirit guide me in each situation and with each individual.

    Those of us who have “colorful” testimonies have to learn to discern God’s prodding when we speak out. We need to self-check through prayer. Is it our flesh, the Lord or evil forces wanting us to speak out?

    I “save as draft” , Edit and pray about a lot of my blogs…;)

    Keep up the great witness!


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