Posted by: Josh Gibson | July 17, 2009

Our Father

Crashing WavesThis morning I was reading a book out on the beach and the Lord was speaking to me through the book about his intimate love. I begin to think about the depth of his love as I went to the edge of the water to enjoy the scenery and wrap my mind around God’s love when I witnessed something. He was a little boy about the age of 5 that was running to the water with all his might. The following event that surrounded the little boy reminded me of the zeal and the shear want that we as Christians should have God.

The little boy first of all went running to the water’s edge, without stopping went full force toward his father. He was not distracted by me standing there watching him nor was he distracted by the waves that were as tall as he was. Although he was knocked down by the waves many times, tripped up many times and was pounded continuously from all directions he keep running without losing heart or focus. I was really consumed in the events that engulfed the small boy. He had so much passion for what he truly loved. He kept his eyes on his father and ran with all his might.

We as Christians should love our Heavenly Father out of an overflow of our lives and not as an obligation or out of guilt. God deserves our all and not our leftovers. Sometimes it seems that Christians have lost their joy and passion for God that they once had when the first meet God.

I pray that those that read this post would allow God to become first place in their live again or for the first time experience him in a real way.


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