Posted by: Josh Gibson | July 13, 2009

Watching and Walking

BeachToday while I was on a bridge over a marsh, I saw a bunch of little fiddler crabs. By its self it doesn’t seem very exciting, but think of it like this…There were so many crabs that I couldn’t even begin to count them and there was no way I could name them. Each of them had it’s own path, home, and direction it was going.

I begin to think that as each crab was going its own way, there was no possible way that I could keep track of them even if I named them and no way I could protect them from predator.
Standing above them and looking at them from an angle that would resemble what God might see as he looks on his children, I couldn’t fathom the omniscent glory of God and how he doesn’t just see us on earth but even knows us in a personal relationship.

God doesn’t just sit in Heaven and see us running around like the fiddler crabs as they went about their lives. God protects us, knows us, and walks with us through life in a personal relationship type way. In a way that keeps me amazed at Him each day. God wants to know you and to be involved in your life as not just as a Savior but as Lord.


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