Posted by: Josh Gibson | July 3, 2009

“Show Me Your Glory”

Wednesday Night June 24th I was given the chance to Preach at Calvary Baptist in Rock Hill, SC. This was my first time Preaching at a church outside of the one I attened/work at.

God has really been pressing on me this summer that he is Sovereign and that He is a God that is so much larger than anyting that I can imagine. Everything God made in 7 days and with all the detail that we see around us and within ourselves. Wow! It is hard to beleive the and fathom that much power.

Yet God is a loving God, that has so much compassion for me and you that he sent his only son Jesus to live a sinless life and die for us because of our sins. But sometimes we go through life just not realizing or noticing that God is all around us! His glory can be seen in everything that he has made and in people around us.

Did you know…
-there are 3,500 different species of trees within 1 square mile of the Amazon Jungle?
-a grown Elm tree has an average of 6 million leaves?
-the human foot has 12 bones? …(all with there own purpose)
-the human heart pumps with enough pressure to shoot blood 30 feet? (don’t try this)
-there are 350 Billion other galaxies in the universe?

It makes me think of the song you sing as a child
“He’s got the whole world in his hand.”
Where all the universe is in his hand…
Where somewhere in those 350 Billion galaxies is our’s the Milky Way..
Where our solar system is and there is our Sun….
Which is 93 Million miles away from Earth…
Where we live…(give or take depending on your location)

This is an amazing way to realize just how Big, how Great, and how Marvelous He is! This leaves me speechless, Yet He still knows me intimately and has a Compassion for me and you when really doesn’t need us.
God is a good God, He wants the best for us…if we just follow him with all our heart and our talents, our life. Which doesn’t even seem enough.

Take Time to be in awe of Him today for all he has done for you, and for who He is!


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